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January 15th, 2016   Amy

Even though it’s pegged as a talk show, says Hakman, “It’s not traditional, and there won’t be a host in front of a desk situation.” That’s all Khloe. “She’s a sweetheart—a wild and free person, who’s so easy to connect with and chill.”

She’s easy to cook for, he says, by comparison with some of the fussier guests he knows he’ll eventually serve on the show. “Everyone has their dietary restrictions; it’s Hollywood,” he notes, anticipating three to four guests per episode, each with their own food requests. “If I took those all into account, we’d be pretty limited.” He’ll just have to adjust on the spot.

But he knows the drill. Back in the Kardashian house, he had to be mindful of competing tastes and make sure to accommodate them all. “There were a lot of powerful women in that house, and it’s hard to make one thing that makes everyone happy,” remembers Hakman. But dinner parties off-screen and on-camera are easier. Says Kardashian, “Anything goes.” And the best part of cooking on TV for the chef? “I don’t have to clean up after myself,” Hakman says.



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