Preview of Kim’s interview with Vogue!

Vogue: Your favourite food and drink?
KKW: “I feel like I’ve been so good dieting that nothing excites me the way it did, except for beignets from New Orleans — and powdered sugar doughnuts, which I’m obsessed with. My favourite drink … there has gotta be something exciting that I love … I’m not that big on alcohol, but it’s fun and in Paris there is this restaurant called Ferdi and they have this strawberry fruity drink. I think if I could have anything and not worry about the calories, it would be a pina colada with fresh strawberries.”

Vogue: Your favourite qualities in a man?
KKW: “Hmm, there are so many … I really think having a sense of humour is important.”

Vogue: Your favourite qualities in a woman?
KKW: “Someone who is, just, who is … how do I explain it? You can tell when someone is kind, and not competing with you.”

Vogue: Your favourite names?
KKW: “North and Saint.”

Vogue: Is he a saint?
KKW: “He lives up to his name like you would not believe.”

Vogue: Is she true North?
KKW: “She totally is.”

Vogue Australia’s June issue is on sale Monday 16 May.

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