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December 25th, 2016   Amy

Hey guys!

Just to let you know that all photos of P, Mason & Reign are being deleted from the gallery – when I started this site a couple of years ago (it wasn’t just me uploading etc) I was honestly NOT aware about Kourtney expressing her views on pap photos. You might have noticed lately I haven’t been posting pap photos of the kids — and people are lashing out at me saying WELL YOU HAVE PHOTOS ON THERE OF THE KIDS – I run multiple sites & it’s been Christmas — I am trying to update the gallery as much as humanly possible for you all & as quick as possible (I’m only one person) so I haven’t had ANY time to delete/edit the gallery.
Tonight I’m in the process of deleting them — apologies if I ever offended anyone by posting them — I was naive when I started the site. I make fansites because I want to CONNECT with the fans — we’re all here because we have one common interest & we love the girls. I don’t want to argue with fans — that’s never my intention. So please don’t send me hate — as I say I’m a human being, I make mistakes & if you ever have an issue, please just DM rather than publicly being rude/sending hateful messages to me.

I hope you all enjoy the site, I work REALLY REALLY hard to keep you all updated with photos & news (even if it doesn’t seem that way sometimes) & if things get better I’m going to use the Twitter page a bit more. I hope you’re all having a great Christmas & let’s start 2017 positive & happy! <3


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