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Though critics continue to scoff at how Kardashian West originally clinched her notoriety (by now, we all know the origin story), she’s laughing all the way to the bank. There is her Kim Kardashian West Official App; the mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood; and Kimoji (a set of Kim-themed emojis and GIFs that expanded into physical products). There are her modeling campaigns for brands such as Balmain, and her role as the perma-muse for her husband’s fashion line, Yeezy. There’s her newly launched cosmetics line, KKW Beauty, which sold out its first wave of contour and highlighting kits in less than three hours, and a fragrance, slated for release next month. And then, of course, there is the never-ending fascination—fed via Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat—with her bronzed, impossible beauty. As Kardashian West herself says in conversation with Janet Mock, “Not bad for a girl with no talent.” Kardashian West recently got on the phone with the writer, journalist, and trans rights advocate to discuss what it’s really like to be the most famous woman in the world.

JANET MOCK: I was going to start by asking you what you’re doing, but I saw on your Snapchat that you were just with North, and she basically renamed the dog. She was like, “No, her name is Diamond.”

KIM KARDASHIAN WEST: She changes that poor dog’s name all the time. We had to pick one and stick with it, so I said, “Her name is Sushi. We’re going with that.”

MOCK: [laughs] Have you gotten used to the fact that someone like me, a stranger, has this immediate relationship with you and your daughter?

KARDASHIAN WEST: I have. We share so much all the time on the show. I obviously get a little bit more protective of my daughter because that’s always been such a struggle: “Do we have her on the show? Don’t we?” We have strict rules about the kids. Some seasons they’re not on at all. Some seasons they’re on a little bit, just to show a bit of personality, although there are never storylines about them. But then there’s social media, on which I’ve always been really open. When I’m out and people call North’s name, that’s when it’s weird for me. She lives such a normal life, believe it or not, at home.

Full interview available HERE!

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