Preview of Kim’s interview with Vogue!

Vogue: Your favourite food and drink?
KKW: “I feel like I’ve been so good dieting that nothing excites me the way it did, except for beignets from New Orleans — and powdered sugar doughnuts, which I’m obsessed with. My favourite drink … there has gotta be something exciting that I love … I’m not that big on alcohol, but it’s fun and in Paris there is this restaurant called Ferdi and they have this strawberry fruity drink. I think if I could have anything and not worry about the calories, it would be a pina colada with fresh strawberries.”

Vogue: Your favourite qualities in a man?
KKW: “Hmm, there are so many … I really think having a sense of humour is important.”

Vogue: Your favourite qualities in a woman?
KKW: “Someone who is, just, who is … how do I explain it? You can tell when someone is kind, and not competing with you.”

Vogue: Your favourite names?
KKW: “North and Saint.”

Vogue: Is he a saint?
KKW: “He lives up to his name like you would not believe.”

Vogue: Is she true North?
KKW: “She totally is.”

Vogue Australia’s June issue is on sale Monday 16 May.

Kim featured in Vogue Australia!

On her mum Kris: “I want to live her life and be successful, work hard and still have so many kids — and still take care of everyone else.”

On her favourite quality in a man: “Humour.”

Appearing on her second Vogue Australia cover, Kardashian West also opened up about what she would want to be if she wasn’t one of the most recognized personalities in the world.

“I would be a forensic investigator and live a normal life.”

Read Kardashian West’s full interview inside the magazine on May 16.